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Fushigina Cosplay at Anime Expo 2005

As some of you may have known (or heard), we did not perform in the Masquerade after all. However, we are planning to perform at a southern California convention within the next year (either Ani-Magic or PMX), with a few changes to the group ^^ Hopefully this time around we will be a little more organized and prepared, because we sure learned a lot! Updates will be here at the community, so stay tuned!
Thank you again to everyone who was so supportive and cheering us on the whole way <3 We are still here to stay!

So without further ado, onward to the pictures!!

Credit to Tsukasa14 @ for the wonderful picture. Thank you!!
The following features: Chichiri (ehrie), Houki-sama (aseraphim), Hotohori-sama (antieden), Tamahome (tamakumi), Miaka Yuuki (acquiesce), Yui Hongou (yogiri), Kouji (reikofanel), Tasuki/Genrou (suntyger), and last but certainly not least, Suboshi (scrawnysquall)!

ReikoFanel pretending to be Chiriko hehe

Credit to Tsukasa14 @ for the above picture! Thank you!

Ellome making fun of the bad Nuriko wig x3

gasp! Tasuki~, Kouji~, I never knew :O

Credit to A Fan's View for the above picture! Thanks!

More pictures are to come as our film is being processed and our photoshoot posted! Hope you all enjoyed <3 <3
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my wig was really like no that day X.X;
You look awesome regardless :D I didn't notice a thing!
I like the one of me kneeling the best...frontal shots of me never look good. @_@
I think you looked great :3 So regal in the one with Hotohori! I love them all~
=^^= Cuteness.

Stupid crazy girl in our pictures >=/

must have moreee pictureeees~~
We can always photochop? xD;

As it is, I really want to see cool CGs of some of these pictures, but I lack skillz yo~ Maybe I can attempt at something after homework is done ^^;;;
SQUEEE. :D <3333 :DDD

Deleted comment

The "gasp! Tasuki~, Kouji~, I never knew :O" comment made me giggle. The only proper response is, "Well, you're not very bright, are you?" :-P (I always felt Tasuki x Chichiri was teh OTP...but I'm all for spreadin' the bandit love.)

I love all the group shots--everyone looks great!
All those costumes are GREAT!!! I love Fushugi Yuugi!! It's one of the first animes I ever watched! \^.^/ Yui looks PERFECT!!
Thank You -^^-
Hey, Miaka, I think you were the one that I ran into at LAX on the way back to Denver, yes? Sorry if I'm mistaken, and even if I'm not, sorry I didn't talk with you more (I was just a little burned out from the convention and looking forward to my own corner of the world). Anyway, yeah, you guys look great! Very well done! If you'll be atending NDK (which I assume you will), be sure to look for the really tall Amarant from Final Fantasy 9. Or, if you'll be at the masq, I'm part of J-Voc (skit-wise; the imfamour dragon ball strip tease). Right, well, see you there!
Hey wow!! It's you! Funny seeing you here too :D

Don't worry about it, I had a heck of a weekend at AX too, so I completely understand. Thank you for your kind words!

Unfortunately I won't be attending NDK because I now go to SoCal for college, but maybe someday I'll go back for a visit :3

Keep in touch, what a crazy-small world! :3
Wai!!! Looks like soooo much fun! The costumes look fantastic and the pics are hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at some coughtasukikoujicough and the ones with Tamahome and you are sooooo cute.
ooo these are soo cool o....o
wow! the costumes are great! i went to a party as chichiri once that was fun ^^ great photos!
Looks like you had a lot of fun! Austria is so small we only have like one convention with cosplay and stuff. So I can only cosplay solo ;_;
I really like all the cute couple shots of Tamahome and Miaka ^^ soooo cute! One of my favorite anime couples ever >_>
SO cute.