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Well...I guess I should introduce myself too :o

I'm known as Scrawny Squall, L to the 3rd but my real name is Chrissy and I am going to be your Suboshi. I am twins with 5exy515.

I made the suboshi costume like back in 2001 but I will fix/update my costume for AX. I loves Fushigi Yuugi very much and had an oppertunity to meet Yuu Watase in person at a past AX. :D I'm excited to join this group and to perform with all ya.

My costuming level is probably around intermediate and I've made complex costumes such as Legolas, Roof mellow (sera myu), and Cloud. I'm also a part of Sailor Jamboree and Yer Mom cosplay.

Nice to meet you all!
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