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Fushigina Cosplay

The Mysterious Costumes

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This moderated community is for the West Coast cosplay group Fushigina Cosplay~ pertaining to works of Watase Yuu! We're just a bunch of people wanting to have fun and enjoy being together, and who enjoy Watase Yuu's works by cosplaying characters. It's all about the fun. ^_~

Current Project: Ayashi no Ceres
Debut Con: Anime Expo 2006
Cast List:
Mikage Aya: Selphie [selphiealmasy]
Mikage Aki: Ellome [antieden]
Shuro: Merry [aseraphim]
Dr. Alec Howell: Erin [yami_phantom]
Touya: Khamryn [cloud_strife] Tentative
Shiso: Auf [aufklaerung]
Ceres: Clover [acquiesce]
Aogiri Yuuhi : Taylor [tamakumi]
Kuruma Chidori: Reiko [reikofanel]
Pallas: Steph [nuriko_special] Tentative
Aogiri Suzumi: Loketari [oronena Tentative
Mikage Kagami: Nosha [jinzouningen]
Q-san: availible!
Wei Fei Lee: avaliable!

Also avaliable are any unlisted characters :D

(From left to right: antieden, aseraphim, suntyger, reikofanel, yogiri, acquiesce, tamakumi, scrawnysquall, and ehrie at Anime Expo '06. Photo by consplayers.com.)

Past Project: Fushigi Yuugi
Debut Con: Anime Expo 2005
Cast List:
Miaka - Clover [acquiesce]
Tamahome - Tay [tamakumi]
Hotohori - Ellome [antieden]
Tasuki - SunTyger [suntyger]
Chichiri - Craig [ehrie]
Houki - Merry [aseraphim]
Kouji - Reiko [reikofanel]
Yui - Alli [yogiri]
Suboshi - Chrissy [scrawnysquall]