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Fushigina Cosplay

The Mysterious Costumes

7/7/05 06:15 pm - acquiesce - Fushigina Cosplay at Anime Expo 2005

As some of you may have known (or heard), we did not perform in the Masquerade after all. However, we are planning to perform at a southern California convention within the next year (either Ani-Magic or PMX), with a few changes to the group ^^ Hopefully this time around we will be a little more organized and prepared, because we sure learned a lot! Updates will be here at the community, so stay tuned!
Thank you again to everyone who was so supportive and cheering us on the whole way <3 We are still here to stay!

So without further ado, onward to the pictures!!

Credit to Tsukasa14 @ Cosplay.com for the wonderful picture. Thank you!!
The following features: Chichiri (ehrie), Houki-sama (aseraphim), Hotohori-sama (antieden), Tamahome (tamakumi), Miaka Yuuki (acquiesce), Yui Hongou (yogiri), Kouji (reikofanel), Tasuki/Genrou (suntyger), and last but certainly not least, Suboshi (scrawnysquall)!
Once the first page is turned..Collapse )

More pictures are to come as our film is being processed and our photoshoot posted! Hope you all enjoyed <3 <3

6/29/05 02:08 am - acquiesce - Hello~!

Watch for and come see us at Anime Expo!

- Official Fushigi Yuugi Gathering: Sunday at 2:30pm, between the convention center and the Hilton

- Masquerade: Sunday at 8pm!

Thanks so much for supporting us! We've been working very hard <33 Stay tuned, especially after AX, for lots of photos, skit script and maybe even our soundtrack :3

Regardless, have a great time this weekend, everyone! ^^

3/26/05 03:41 pm - scrawnysquall - hello!


Well...I guess I should introduce myself too :o

I'm known as Scrawny Squall, L to the 3rd but my real name is Chrissy and I am going to be your Suboshi. I am twins with 5exy515.

I made the suboshi costume like back in 2001 but I will fix/update my costume for AX. I loves Fushigi Yuugi very much and had an oppertunity to meet Yuu Watase in person at a past AX. :D I'm excited to join this group and to perform with all ya.

My costuming level is probably around intermediate and I've made complex costumes such as Legolas, Roof mellow (sera myu), and Cloud. I'm also a part of Sailor Jamboree and Yer Mom cosplay.

Nice to meet you all!

3/24/11 04:24 pm - acquiesce - First post!

Welcome to Fushigina Cosplay (The Mysterious Costumes)!

Most of the posts in this community will be locked (friend's only) for the sake of being a surprise during our 2005 Anime Expo/Ani-Magic season. If you would like to join the group, please leave a comment on this entry or e-mail us. You may find more information about this group in the user info page!

However, if you would still like to friend the community to see our progress, feel free to do so!
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