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Fushigina Cosplay at Anime Expo 2005

As some of you may have known (or heard), we did not perform in the Masquerade after all. However, we are planning to perform at a southern California convention within the next year (either Ani-Magic or PMX), with a few changes to the group ^^ Hopefully this time around we will be a little more organized and prepared, because we sure learned a lot! Updates will be here at the community, so stay tuned!
Thank you again to everyone who was so supportive and cheering us on the whole way <3 We are still here to stay!

So without further ado, onward to the pictures!!

Credit to Tsukasa14 @ for the wonderful picture. Thank you!!
The following features: Chichiri (ehrie), Houki-sama (aseraphim), Hotohori-sama (antieden), Tamahome (tamakumi), Miaka Yuuki (acquiesce), Yui Hongou (yogiri), Kouji (reikofanel), Tasuki/Genrou (suntyger), and last but certainly not least, Suboshi (scrawnysquall)!

ReikoFanel pretending to be Chiriko hehe

Credit to Tsukasa14 @ for the above picture! Thank you!

Ellome making fun of the bad Nuriko wig x3

gasp! Tasuki~, Kouji~, I never knew :O

Credit to A Fan's View for the above picture! Thanks!

More pictures are to come as our film is being processed and our photoshoot posted! Hope you all enjoyed <3 <3
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